The last five decades have been witnessing a remarkable and glorious transforming in the educational upgrading of the Muslims in Kerala, traditionally the most backward community in education. The driving force behind this envious achievement has been the committed and tiring toil of  THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (MES)

The movement started under the great leadership of late Dr.P.K. Abdul Gafoor in 1964 at Calicut, wholeheartedly supported by a large number of professionals and businessmen and in a short span of times this great movement had its branches spread to all districts in Kerala. As on today, it is the largest Educational Organization in our nation with a strength of more than 20,000 active members, 85,000 students and staff members numbering 15000. It not only has Units in each and every District of Kerala, but also has stretched to neighbouring states as well to the Middle East countries.


The college aims to arouse intellectual inquisitiveness with a zest for acquisition of knowledge, to mould  upright citizens with a civic sense and social commitments and to lead a creative life.


Building up  a community of staff and students committed to the common pursuit of knowledge and excellence

Inculcating among students self discipline, good habits and an enquiring mind.

Developing leadership qualities, clarity of thought and accuracy of expression among the students.

Promoting respect and admiration of our traditions and heritage and instill in the mind of the students an urge to fight away the social evils.

Helping the students to become instruments o social change by nurturing and equal opportunities.